Contending Definitions of World History
Which One Should We Choose for the Classroom?

Issue No. 151, 1999

by Ross Dunn

The American public in general probably has a fairly hazy perception of world history in the schools, regarding it as social education about places on the globe that are not the United States. However, people who decide what the intellectual scope, sequencing, and content of world history...

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World History Resources
for Teaching and Learning

by Fred Czarra and Heidi Roupp

Teaching a true global world history in our schools remains one of the most difficult challenges facing American education. Undergraduate training in world history for future social studies teachers is weak in many teacher training colleges and universities.

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A Global Approach
to World History

by Andrew F. Smith

Fifteen years ago, few high school students elected to take world history courses. Since then many states and school districts have instituted requirements for world history. Teaching world history with a global perspective remains one of the most difficult challenges facing social studies...

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Global Histories

There are a variety of “classics available in paperback such as Edward Gibbon’s Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West, and Arnold Toynbee’s A Study of of History. Some other lesser known works, with a non-western point of view, are Ibn Khaldun, An Arab Philosophy of History...

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Big Idea Books

Most of these books cover large sweeps of history and interactions of cultures and ideas across geographical regions. Many present divergent points of view or new insights into history. As an example of the divergence of historical perspective read Andre Gunder Frank’s, ReOrient as an opposing bookend to David Landis...

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World History Association (WHA)
Richard L. Rosen,
Executive Director
Department of History
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104
membership: $30.00 a year...

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Other Important Resources In World History

Readings of Primary and Secondary Sources

Kevin Reilly. Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader. (Bedford/St. Martins, 1998)
Volume I: to 1550. Volume II: Since 1450...

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The World History
Association (WHA)

The World History Association promotes scholarship and teaching of a global conceptualization of world history. Since its founding in 1982, the WHA has provided its membership of secondary, college and university faculty the best of current world history research...

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Colonialism, Its
Impact And Legacies

What do these people have in common?
Martin Chanock of Latrobe University, Australia; Bruce Kercher, University of Sydney; Annie Coombs, University of London; Christopher Saunders, University of Cape Town; Jack Goldstone, UC Davis...

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Major Electronic Resources For World History
by Linda K. Brown

When teachers of World History provide students with opportunities to write research papers, getting students to use electronic resources is no problem. Yet there is the problem of making certain that students are using websites that provide reliable, scholarly information...

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