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ISSUES IN GLOBAL EDUCATION has been revamped starting with issue #173. It now appears as an occasional paper. Our intent with these publications is to encourage dialogue throughout the global education community.

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ISSUES IN GLOBAL EDUCATION/OCCASIONAL PAPERS covers important topics that an interconnected and rapidly changing world raises for educators and education policy makers

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#179   American Foreign Policy:  Learning to Lead Anew
#178 (2003 - 2004 ) Language and Society.
#177 (2003-2004) Democracy and the "NEW" Democracies
Issue 176 (2002 - 2003) Globalization 101: The Three Tensions of Globalization

Issue 175 (2002-2003) National Interests and Global Security: The Case of Iraq
Issue 174 (2002-2003) Fresh Water: Enough for You and Me?
Issue 173 (2002-2003) Global Education Cheklist
Issue 172 (2001-2002) Space Ships, Whales, Scows, Derricks and People: Are the Seas in Danger?
Issue 171 (2001-2002) Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility
Issue 170 (2001-2002)Food Through Science: Promise or Threat?
Issue 169 (2001-2002)Terrorism: What Every Teacher Should Know
Issue 168 (2001-2002)Global Ed: Redirection of New Directions?.
Issue 167 (2001-2002)Citizenship: National, or World? or Both?
Issue 166 (2000-2001) Technology and Global Education
Issue 165 (2000-2001) Global Ethics
Issue 164 (2000-2001) Schooling and Citizenship in a Global Age
Issue 162-163 (2000-2001) Democracy: The Global Wave of the Future
Issue 161 (2000-2001) Global Science
Issue 160 (1999-2000) World Trade Organization
Issue 159 (1999-2000) Africa Policy Outlook 2000

Issue 158 (1999-2000) Global Culture: Mega? Mono? Multi? Or Something Else?
Issue 157 (1999-2000) Globalization - an Opportunity for Peace?
Issue 156 (1999-2000) United Nations
Issue 155 (1999-2000) Globalization and its Impact on Language

Issue 154 (1998-1999) Lighten Your Step: Education for Shrinking our Ecological Foot Print
Issue 153 (1998-1999) Statelessness in Global World, Two Incidents
Issue 152 (1998-1999) What is Deforestation?
Issue 151 (1998-1999) Contending Definitions of World History
Issue 150 (1998-1999) Global Education: A Worldwide Movement
Issue 149 (1998-1999) Spotlight on China: Traditions Old & New
Issue 148 (1997-1998) Global Connections
Issue 147 (1997-1998) The Japanese American Experience: A Way to Look at Global Education
Issue 146 (1997-1998) Economics, Resources and the Future




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