Is Mao Zedong a Hero or a Villain?

o Students will understand the role that Mao Zedong played in the development of post-WWII China;
o Students will read, interpret and analyze secondary source materials relating to the rule of Mao;
o Students will form opinions on the leadership of Mao and be able to express them in writing.

o How do we honor our former leaders?
(possible answers: on money; through songs, statues, monuments)
o Who do Americans consider their greatest leaders?
(possible answers: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR)
o How do we remember them?

Many people consider Abraham Lincoln the greatest American President. Why?
Show an overhead of the Lincoln Memorial. Ask what the Lincoln Memorial is based on (the Parthenon in Athens). Show an overhead and explain that the Parthenon is considered the most perfect building. Show the statue of Lincoln.

Show a series of overheads of Mao's mausoleum. ( Picture 1, Picture 2 )
o Is Mao deserving of the honor of Abraham Lincoln?

Group Work:
Student will be divided into groups. They will analyze statements about Mao using the enclosed worksheet.

Class Discussion:
The class will discuss the findings together.

Summary Activity/Homework:
Students will write an essay in which they answer the lesson's title. Students are to draw conclusions from secondary source materials and justify their answer with specific facts and details.

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